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Publication Announcement

Publication Announcement

Dr. Joel Evans is excited to announce the publication of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Nutritional Guide to Optimal Health: Using Functional Medicine & Nutritional Genomics. He was invited to contribute to the book because of his extensive experience as a Functional Medicine practitioner and educator as well as his extensive service work at the Padmam Hospital in southern India.
The chapter, Sociogenomics: Using Food to Reverse the Gene Expression of Unhealthy Relationships, addresses the powerful impact our social relationships have on our health. Combining the latest science from the emerging fields of epigenetics and sociogenomics, Dr. Evans shows how social factors can actually change the expression of our genes to promote the development of chronic disease. What he finds most exciting is that food and nutrition have the power to reverse this progression to ill health. The chapter is filled with his recommendations on how we can reverse the negative effects that stress and unhealthy relationships have on our health through what we choose to eat.
The office blog, Keeping up with Functional Medicine will elaborate more on the content within this chapter in the several weeks to come! Stay tuned.

To access the full textbook please click on this link*
*Dr. Evans’ chapter begins on page 191


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